Exhibitions / Informing Facets in Adelaide

05.04.2008 to 25.05.2008

Informing Facets Living in Australia has influenced my work profoundly. I discovered my passion for rocks and minerals which occur in abundance here. For a number of years I have been processing and cutting the stones I use myself. While I have a strong background in technical processes, I experiment with these, applying them in new ways. It is a selection and design process from the beginning. Combinations of materials are selected, perceptible by the senses, tangible structures opposing internal lines and formations, colours harmonising with each other. Traditionally the placement of facets at definite angles on a piece of translucent gem material enhances the reflections and colour flashes that cause scintillation. My work utilises unconventional applications of these traditional faceting techniques, reducing and changing the angles on the stones so that their inner life, trapped within the form, is made visible. I deliberately choose gemstones with inclusions, or natural impurities, which are conventionally discarded. These inclusions are incorporated into the design of the piece, where their hidden beauty is revealed, irregular and striking, each one with their unique texture and pattern. Cutting a stone is like unveiling the unpredictable and embracing the unexpected.