Exhibitions / Informing Facets

02.10.2008 to 19.10.2008

Cutting a stone is like unveiling the unpredictable and embracing the unexpected. Schwarzer’s choice of materials reflects a lifelong fascination with rocks and minerals. As a child in her native country of Germany, she accompanied her father on fossicking expeditions, which she recreated while travelling in outback Australia. Inspired by Australia’s vast natural occurrence of gem material Schwarzer finds joy in uncovering the treasures lying beneath the surface of her materials. Using traditional faceting techniques Schwarzer selects her approach in cutting each piece of rock, guided by the material. She uncovers and emphasises the beauty in this natural material by selecting to polish some faces of the gem while leaving others raw. In this process, she uncovers natural flaws and inclusions, purposefully choosing gem materials overlooked by traditionalists. The unexpected quality in her gems subverts the traditional expectations of scintillation and sparkle and allows the artist to respond to the qualities of the material. Schwarzer’s unrestrained gems become ancient talismans for the wearer reminding us of the mystic of nature.