Exhibitions / GeoMorphing

10.11.2010 to 24.11.2010

GeoMorphing is a collection of jewellery and objects that investigates and examines the term precious in regards to rocks and minerals. Different aspects of preciousness include the materiality, the uniqueness of a piece, personal attachment and marketing. My extensive mineral and rock collection is the starting point of the investigation utilizing materials precious to me, precious due to their inherent nature. Visual uniqueness to me gives value to the common materials often overlooked or disregarded and it is this which has long fascinated me. Slicing into the materials sourced in the Australian outback as well as mineral and rock collector’ exhibitions I discover structures, patterns and colours, earth history hidden in the layers. Combining known with unknown, so -called precious with the worthless, I question preciousness. Evolving from my absorption with visual uniqueness begins an investigation of the crystalline formations of the minerals. Experimenting in metal re-presenting the geometry of the structures I thereby make visible its fractal qualities, the very foundation of a mineral’s uniqueness. Translating and magnifying such treasure is a revelation and source of inspiration.